When Maintaining Business Continuity is Critical…

You Can’t Afford to Lose :

  • Assets – Equipment, processes, products or operation, vital to your business.
  • People – Protection of your workforce is paramount for productivity and peace of mind.
  • Data – Both electronic and hard forms of stored data, servers, networks and communication equipment are critical to the success of all businesses.
  • Continuity – Companies and their customers depend on uninterupted operations and services. Fire related downtime has severe effects on capital equipment, inventory, and opportunity losses from not meeting customer needs.

Choose us, Trinitas Victori Pyrogen Nusantara  to provides a solutions for your intended Fire Protection System :

  •   Integrated Range of Solutions

We provides integrated range of high-qulity products solutions from detection, suppression, compartmentalization and prevention for all your intended application.

  •   Risk Assessment

We provides free-of-charge risk assessment and system design for your intended application.

  •   Vast Industry Experience

In addition to many years of experience, our team are also cross trained in different areas of fire protection.

  •   Quality in Compliance

We provides high-quality products solutions and services. all products solutions comply with international standards and third-party accredited. We Protect Your Lives, Properties and Environment.

  •   Environmental & Ethical

Accordance to company visson and mission, all solutions we provided are environmentally friendly and user friendly.