Auto Focus Detection

Auto Focus Fire Detection and Extinguishing (Water Based) System

indonesia auto focus fire detection exinguisher

Auto Focus Fire Detection and Extinguishing (Water Based) System is new generation of high-tech fire protection product by combine features of detection alarm & extinguishing.

This series of products use infrared, ultraviolet combined flame detection technology and mechanical technology to auto detect the fire and the source position.

Once fire detected within the protected area, it will auto activated, scan and focus the source of fire. System will immediately activate the water pump to extinguish the fire and trigger fire alarm once confirmed. It will automatically stop spraying water and repeat the process if needed.

The advantages of this product : 

  • Convenient installation
  • Easy of supply power & water
  • Low maintenance cost
  • Water saving
  • Highly reduce the damages done from fire extinguishing
  • High price performance ratio

The product is an intelligent fire-fighting device which widely used in :

  • large space area such as stadiums, airports, transport stations, ferry terminals, warehouse, conference rooms, shopping malls, theaters etc
  • Special area such as ancient buildings, roads and tunnels, depots, oil tank area, hangars etc

Auto Focus Detection Products 

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