PT. Trinitas Victori Pyrogen Nusantara (TVPN) was established with the purpose To Protect Lives, Property and Environment in Archipelago. As a Company engaged in Total Fire Protection, we are providing an integrated range of environmentally friendly and user friendly Products, Services and Solutions.

With full support from partnership company, manufactures, principles and TVPN Engineering team that have experienced more than 15 years in serving of wide ranges of industries (for installation, services and design). We are committed to constantly evolving and safely providing valuable fire protection services for our customers.

All of our products have been proven and earned recognition reliability and International certificate.


Detection Suppression Compartment Prevention

Our Vision, Mission & Key Values


To Protect Lives, Property and Environment with environmentally friendly technologies and user friendly, easy application, free maintenance and non toxic.


To providing products that can help improving and protecting the environment in entire archipelago, accordance company philosophy  “To Protect Lives, Property and Environment”

Key Values

Integrity : Highest ethical standards in our actions.

Quality : Advanced world class products, services and solutions.

Service : Professional after sales service and warranty.

Innovation : Constantly seek innovative ways to Enhance our Products, Services and Solutions.


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